Get to Know Cornerstone Pediatrics

Dr. Rachel Brennan has worked in many fast paced, multi-practitioner settings throughout her medical career but has always longed to open her own clinic where she could develop more authentic relationships with patients and families. In 2016, Dr. Brennan did just that when she founded Cornerstone Pediatrics, a direct primary care clinic where children receive high quality, personalized patient care.

Our Mission

The mission of Cornerstone Pediatrics is to provide easily accessible, high quality, individualized pediatric healthcare in a personable fun atmosphere where kids and parents both feel heard.

"We want to really connect with our patients and their families so we are best equipped to offer them THEIR ideal medical care!" 

~ Dr. Brennan

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative way to deliver superior healthcare to patients that puts patients first. DPC clinics maximize accessibility to healthcare providers, encourage the development of authentic therapeutic relationships, and provide comprehensive yet individualized patient care.

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