Prescription Policies

Non-Scheduled Prescriptions

  • In most cases, your child's prescriptions will be sent electronically directly from our clinic to the pharmacy of your choice before you leave our clinic. A written prescription can be provided if you prefer. Occasionally there are hiccups in the system and the electronic prescription has trouble getting to the appropriate destination. If your electronic prescription has not been received by your pharmacy within an hour of leaving the clinic, please contact us immediately.
  • If your child needs routine refills on one or more medications, please contact your pharmacy and they will send the refill request directly to us. Please be aware that some medication refills cannot be approved if it has been too long since the child has been seen in clinic. If you have questions about this, please call us to clarify.

Schedule II Prescriptions

  • Some children require prescription medications that are considered controlled substances. 
  • Children who regularly take scheduled medications will need to be seen by their medical provider at least twice yearly, more often if medications or dosages are being changed, to be sure that the medications are doing what they are intended to do without causing intolerable adverse effects. 
  • Please expect that your child will need to be seen in the clinic before scheduled prescriptions and/or refills can be provided.